King Henry 13th
Tunic, Hat, Sword and leather boot Covers. (Requires shoes and undershirt)
Available Sizes

If “baller” had been a term back in King Henry VIII’s era, you can bet your castle it would’ve been plastered all over him. Here’s a guy who wasn’t keen on playing by the church’s rules, so what does he do? He up and starts his own church. Picture this: jewels dripping from his fingers, hanging around his neck, and let’s not forget, he owned more land than a mogul in New York City. Instead of punching the clock like the rest of us, he’d be out hunting in the mornings and hitting the cards and dice at night like it was his royal duty. And get this—he could rock the lute like a true virtuoso and even penned a best-seller in his spare time. Sure, a couple of his marriages didn’t exactly end on a high note (think executions), but hey, with a little imagination and this King Henry costume, who’s to say we can’t remix history a bit?

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