1 piece body suite, full face mask, gloves with Rubber Claws & Boots.
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Wolverine, that grumpy Canuck, has had more rough patches than a porcupine in a balloon factory! Born way back in the 1880s, he’s now clocking well over a century. Thanks to his mutant mojo, he’s been a social outcast from day one. And talk about a life of action—this guy’s been in more wars than your average history textbook can handle. He’s taken hits, punches, zaps, explosions, and enough scratches from Sabretooth to make a cat jealous. Add to that the heartaches of losing his true love multiple times and getting his bones laced with adamantium courtesy of some shady characters. Wouldn’t all that stir up your inner beast?

But hey, for a dude with such a wild past, Wolverine sure knows how to rock a killer outfit! I mean, check out that bold combo of yellow, blue, and black. It’s like he’s saying, “Yeah, I’ve got a ferocious side, but I’ve also got style for days!” So whether you’re feeling feisty like Logan or just want to unleash your inner superhero in a flashy getup, his X-Men gear is where it’s at!

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